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Acrylic Paints

A wonderful selection of acrylic paints available with a vast colour palette.  Choose from local brands like Schubart and Zellen, or other well known ranges including Winsor & Newton, Daler Rowney, Lukas, and our exciting new range, Golden acrylics.

  • Daler Rowney Cryla Image
    Daler Rowney Cryla Image
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  • golden_open_set_931_tubes
  • Lukas Acrylic Paints
    Lukas Acrylic Paints
  • Schubart Paints
    Schubart Paints
  • WN Galeria
    WN Galeria
  • Zellen Acrylic Paints
    Zellen Acrylic Paints

Prices (rounded)


Golden Heavy Body Acrylics 59ml tube

R145 - 285

Golden Open Acrylics 59ml tube

R171 - R816

Schubart Student Acrylics 50ml tub


Schubart Student Acrylic 250ml flip top bottle


Schubart Artists Acrylic 50ml tub


Schubart Artist Acrylic 250ml tub


Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylics tube

R99 - R141

Daler Rowney Cryla 75ml tube

R83 - R88

Lukas Cryl Studio Acrylics 75ml tube

R71 - 194

Zellen Acrylics 50ml tube